Join us for New Years Eve


Join us for a boat decorating contest, dinner, and dancing to bring in the new year.  Make your reservations at


New Years Eve.jpg

Event is open to members and their guests only.

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Sign Up for the Marin Cruise Out

Sign Up Now for the Marin Cruise Out.  Even if you are not boating in, you are welcome to join us for any section of the weekend.


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Open House

Join us for the Open House on Saturday

.July 2015 open house

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The last few weeks have been spent finishing some projects on the boat and repairing the damage caused by an invasion of racoons.

We completed installation of the new charging system with the installation of new starting batteries (lifeline AGM class 27 batteries).  This required replacing the terminal connections on the battery cables, which required that they be removed, modified, and reinstalled.  Another 2 hr job that took two 12 hour days to accomplish.

The charging system has now been completely replaced.  To review, this whole project was initiated when I discovered two facts 1) That in spite of having two 80A alternators on the boat, the charging system would not keep up with typical power usage while underway; and 2) That the on-board shore-based battery charger would not keep up with power usage of the boat when plugged into the dock.  In other words, any time someone is on the boat, the house battery bank was being drained.  Once the battery bank was drained beyond a certain point, all navigational equipment was non-functional.  This resulted in a need to come back into the gate in heavy fog conditions with no radar — something me and my crew did not enjoy in the least.

The project started with replacement of the house battery, a single class 31 battery, with an 8D battery.  I chose the Lifeline AGM 8D battery.  Phase 2 was installation of a battery monitor.  The battery monitor involved installation of a shunt on the ground line of the house battery and a meter at the helm that monitors current flow in and out of the house battery.  This step indicated the problems with the charging system.  In Phase 3, we installed an alternator combiner.  We chose a Stirling Power combiner that inputs the current from both alternators and distributes it, as needed, across 4 battery banks (two starting banks and two house banks).  Because of the possibility of having 160 A max of current from the alternators, we installed 1 guage wire between the combiner and the two house batteries and the house battery outputs to the single house battery.  Phase 4 involved installation of a new battery charger, one capable of feeding three battery banks with 60A of current.  The final stage, just finished, was replacement of the starting batteries with AGM batteries so that the battery chemistry was consistent throughout.  Now there is no problem with handling the power needs of the boat.

The racoon invasion resulted in them walking on my instruments at the helm and turning my windshield wipers on.  They burned out both windshield wiper motors, which needed replacement.


Guess I’ll run the boat awhile before I tackle another project (secondary bilge system?  diesel furnace? more rod holders?  there is no end of projects!)

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Unfortunate Encounters and a weekend of fishing

Fished both days this weekend.  Saturday, we had 5 on board and headed for double point where the action seemed to have been hottest over the last week.  We put in when we spotted a whale, but the jelly fish where so thick that we couldn’t fish.  We kept moving up the coast and ended up with the rest of the fleet off Pt. Reyes, but the day was a no-go for us.

On Sunday, we started for Salmon with a determination to travel first to Pt. Reyes, but ended up fishing for halibut in the bay.

Traveling around the bay, one sees a lot of trash floating in the water.  Some of it is rather large and include docks, pieces of docks, telephone poles, etc.  Having a close encounter with one can ruin your whole day, as it did mine on Sunday.

I had a crew of 4 on board the Panda for a day of chasing Salmon off-shore.  We had just left the fuel dock at Emmeryville Marina (24/7 automated fuel dock, so we can get there early) and was cruising towards the gate at about 22 kts.  Two people on lookout, both of us missed the 6 ft long 4×8 that was floating just at or under the surface between Angel Island and Alcatraz on a flat calm bay.  After the load bang, we immediately powered down and stopped to inspect the Panda for damage.  No water coming in, both engines running, both go into gear but the vibrations from the starboard side prevented use of that engine at anything over an idle.  We motored back to find the badly dented 4×8 and report the incident to the Coast Guard, who soon after issued a warning regarding the debris (I noticed a second warning about two hours later, after the debris had floated all the way through the gate).

The incident certainly stopped any ideas of leaving the bay in search of Salmon (a trip that would have likely taken us to Pt. Reyes and a bit beyond).  The rest of the day was spent limping around on one engine searching for halibut, which didn’t seem to be cooperating with us either.

The Panda went into the yard yesterday where the damage appears to be limited to a bent prop on the starboard side.  Lucky this time.  Be careful out there.

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Bay Fishing on Saturday, June 7

Had a short window on Saturday to trial the boat after finally connecting the new alternator combiner.  Had Richard Kent and Mike Johnson along for the ride and we decided to fish the Oyster Point area.  Weather was fantastic, the bay was very comfortable, and the boat (including the new alternator combiner) performed well.

We trolled from roughly the light house all the way to Hunters Point on the incoming tide for . . . nada.  Not even a scratched bait.  At noon when we picked up, the baits all looked pristine and we hadn’t changed them once.

At Mike’s suggestion we headed for the ramp for lunch (one of Mike’s favorite places to hang out) and finally back to Coyote Point, where I was scheduled to run the club for the afternoon.  I opened the bar an hour late.

Sunday was spent prepping for replacement of the battery charger and preparing fishing gear on the off chance that someday we will be able to go out the gate in search of Salmon.

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Continued upgrades on the boat

After several weekends of windy weather, a CPYC sponsored cruise-out to Petaluma, and a long Vacation I am finally getting some planned upgrades and maintenance accomplished on weekends.  Last weekend we completed installation of a new alternator based charging system.  Now it looks like the alternators can be utilized to actually run the equipment on the boat — and charge the batteries.  Next upgrade is a new shore-power based battery charger, which should not be as involved as the replacement of the entire alternator-based charging system.


Thanks to Mike Johnson and Richard Kent for replacing my malfunctioning aft bilge pump.



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